Rising Sun Sportsbooks

When it comes to the top sportsbooks in Indiana, you’ll want to set your eyes on the Rising Sun Sportsbooks. These books are going to open in Southern Indiana, along the Ohio River. Here, they’ll find a home in the Rising Star Riverboat Casino Resort, a world-class venue that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Although, thanks to a bill signed by Governor Eric Holcomb, you’ll eventually be able to enjoy mobile sports betting in Rising Sun along with every other city in the state.

Sports betting in Indiana is not operational just yet, so this page is really more of a preview of what’s to come. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have all the information you need to stay up to date and on top of Rising Sun sportsbooks. We’ll have everything from a bill tracker on Indiana sports betting legislation to reviews of the best sportsbooks in Rising Sun, IN. This page is a must-have for sports betting enthusiasts who reside in the Hoosier state.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Rising Sun, Indiana?

Alright, so I know what you’re probably thinking – the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is finally gone, and now sports betting is legal everywhere, so why aren’t sportsbooks in Rising Sun open yet? Well, Rising Sun Sportsbooks aren’t open yet for a number of reasons. First of all, PASPA didn’t automatically make sports betting legal. It just created the opportunity for states to legalize sports betting if they so choose.

When Indiana Lawmakers were given the option to legalize sports betting, they had already adjourned their regular session. Rather than wait until the following year, however, they chose to meet during a special session in the summer of 2018 in order to discuss, research, and examine legal Indiana sports betting. They didn’t pass any laws that year, but they definitely have got the ball rolling. During the next legislative session, the state legalized sports betting through both retail and online channels. Land-based sportsbooks still have to get approved by the Indiana Gaming Commission and those venues will have to partner with an online sports betting provider to develop a statewide mobile wagering platform.

Now, there are technically ways you could start sports betting in Indiana right now. Online, offshore sportsbooks sit in a very grey area in the Hoosier state, thanks to a law on the books that states that online gambling is prohibited. Online, offshore sportsbooks operate in other countries and therefore do not fall under the jurisdiction of Indiana state law. The most recent bill that was signed into law also allows for online gambling on sports to take place in the state and doesn’t mention these types of books specifically. That being said, residents who reside in the Hoosier who want to try their luck with these sites can but they would be doing so at their own risk.

What is the Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Rising Sun, Indiana?

The legal age to bet on sports in Rising Sun, Indiana is 21. This is the legal age to gamble at casinos in the Hoosier state and logically was the legal age for sports betting set by the state. Indiana residents are subject to these age restrictions regardless of if they’re using online or land-based sportsbooks in Rising Sun. This even includes online offshore sports betting websites. While those sites take in members as young as 18, they do require that you follow state laws, otherwise, you could be subject to losing your account.

The Best Sportsbooks In Rising Sun

Rising Sun sportsbooks are all going to have a few things in common. They’re all going to have games to bet on, a reasonable betting limit to make sure things don’t get out of hand, and a highly trained staff to help you enjoy your betting experience. What makes these sportsbooks the best sportsbooks in Rising Sun, though, isn’t what they have in common – it’s how they differ from one another.

For example, some Rising Sun sports betting venues might be able to cover a larger variety of games. If state-sponsored sportsbooks in Rising Sun can’t offer coverage on Indiana-based teams, online sports wagering sites based in overseas countries may be able to pick up the slack and offer action on those teams. Conversely, if the lines on a professional game are better at a land-based Rising Sun sportsbook than they are at one of the online, offshore books you have an account with, you would be able to choose the better bet.

As you can see, no one sportsbook can do it all. It takes a combination of two or more books to create a well-rounded betting experience. Because of this, you’ll want to choose a couple of your best options to create accounts with, rather than just one. We recommend creating an account at both a land-based and an online Rising Sun sportsbook so that you are sure to have the best coverage available for sports betting in Indiana, no matter what sort of action you’re looking for.

Rising Star Casino Resort

Rising Star Casino ResortThe Rising Star Casino Resort resides in the small river-side town of Rising Sun. When you arrive at the premises, you are immediately greeted like a celebrity and will continue to receive the star treatment that you deserve during your entire time at the facility. A complimentary Valet will park your car for you, as you board the beautiful Rising Star Casino vessel, equipped with 40,000 square feet of state of art gaming.

Here, you can become a VIP immediately, gaining access to the high limit room and enjoying drink service while you indulge in all of your favorite games. From over 1,000 slot machines and video poker terminals to dozens of live table games featuring single and double deck blackjack and all of your other favorites, this casino has everything you’ve been looking for and then some.

The resort hotel is the perfect place to kick up your feet and relax after a day of gaming and winning. From fine dining to casual eats at the hotel restaurants, to a fun afternoon of golf or zip lining in the city, Rising Star Casino Resort takes care of its guests. Just ask the staff how you can book one of these amazing activities today.

When they open, Rising Sun sportsbooks will fit seamlessly into this gaming venue. A sports betting lounge aboard the luxury casino liner will be the cherry on top of an already perfect casino. You’ll wait for nothing when you play here, as they’ll stream all of your favorite events right there in the sports betting lounge. Rising Sun Sportsbooks are sure to be a hit, and become some of the best sportsbooks in Indiana.