Betting On The Indianapolis Colts

If you’re an NFL fan in Indiana you probably want to know where to bet on Indianapolis Colts football. However, you’re also probably waiting for the nearest land-based sportsbook in Indiana to open. In that case, good news: You can enjoy Indianapolis Colts betting now and you don’t even have to leave the house! To bet on the Colts, all you need to do is visit a legal online sportsbook, sign up, and start making your wagers.

Betting On The Indianapolis ColtsAt sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes, you’ll find all kinds of Indiana football odds, including Colts spreads, Colts moneylines, Colts totals, and dozens of Colts props each week during the NFL season. The best online sportsbooks even have preseason and postseason action available for Colts betting fans. And don’t worry – since nonsense laws like the Wire Act, PASPA, and the UIGEA only criminalize those parties that take bets, making bets at these offshore sportsbooks is 100% legal.

Types Of Indianapolis Colts Bets

There are three main types of bets used by legal online sportsbooks when posting Indianapolis Colts betting odds. These are the point spread, the straight moneyline, and the over/under (a.k.a. totals bet). The spread works by handicapping the expected better team, “giving” points to the underdog from the favorite. If the Colts are listed at +9 against the Patriots, that means that New England must beat them by at least 10 to clear the bet, while the Colts can lose by up to 8 points and still win it.

The straight moneyline bet gets rid of handicapping, allowing bettors to just pick a winner. If you’re betting on the Saints, you might see them listed at Bovada or SportsBetting with a three-digit number in the moneyline column. Positive numbers are for underdogs, and negative numbers indicate favorites. Payouts for underdogs are always higher than those for favorites, sometimes substantially. So if you correctly predict a Colts upset, you could win a mint.

The over/under bet, also called the totals bet, simply requires the bettor to pick whether or not the final combined point total between two teams in a given contest will be higher than (over) or lower than (under) the number posted by the sportsbook.

Understanding The Different Indianapolis Colts Moneylines

In addition to straight moneyline bets, the American moneyline is also used with all other bet types in order to show the payout assigned to those bets. When used like this, moneylines will usually be in parentheses. Positive numbers denote underdogs and show the amount of money you can win on a $100 bet. Negative numbers denote favorites, showing the amount of money you must wager in order to win $100. This numerical concept is the key to correctly interpreting all Indianapolis Colts betting odds (and all sports betting odds in general).

Indianapolis Colts Player Prop Bets

Along with the standard bet types, Indianapolis Colts player prop bets will be available before each game at all the major online sportsbooks. Colts player props might include wagers on a quarterback’s single-game touchdown total, a receiver’s single-game yardage total, or a defensive back’s number of single-game tackles. Each online sportsbook will offer different odds and props, so you’ll want to shop around for the bets you like best.

Indianapolis Colts - Player Prop Examples

Andrew Luck Total Passing Yards vs. Houston Texans

  • Over 249.5 Total Passing Yards (-165)
  • Under 249.5 Total Passing Yards (+125)

If Andrew Luck throws for 250 or more yards, the “over” bet wins. If he throws for 249 yards or fewer, then the “under” bet wins. Sometimes, over/unders will be posted using half numbers (as above) so sportsbooks don’t risk the line ending in a “push” (which usually means they have to refund all the action on a given bet).

Will The Colts Running Back Rush For More Than 75 Yards?

  • Yes (+135)
  • No (-160)

Some Indianapolis Colts prop bets will be of the yes/no variety. Here, if the Colts running back rushes for, say, 85 yards, the “yes” bet wins. If he rushes for less than 75 yards, though, the “under” bet wins. There are no pushes on bets of this type.

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Indianapolis Colts Team Prop Bets

Prop bets aren’t only for individual players. Most sportsbooks will offer several Indianapolis Colts team props for every game they play. These will typically include bets on things like the total number of Colts first downs for the game or the Colts defense’s number of single-game forced turnovers.

Indianapolis Colts - Team Prop Examples

Colts First Half Offensive Yards vs. Titans

  • Over 175.5 Offensive Yards (+110)
  • Under 175.5 Offensive Yards (-130)

Here, the Colts offense must gain 176 or more yards in the first half of their game against the Titans in order to win the “over” bet. Any less, and the “under” bet wins.

Will The Colts Special Teams Score A Touchdown?

  • Yes (+400)
  • No (-1200)

If the Colts return a kick, punt, or field goal attempt for a touchdown at any point in the game, the “yes” bet wins. If they fail to do so, the “no” bet wins. (Sometimes, there will only be a single wager option for bets of this format, just because the odds against one of the outcomes is generally too high for a sportsbook to entice meaningful action.)

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Indianapolis Colts Live Betting

Live betting is a recent development in the online sports betting industry, and it’s mainly been made possible by the ubiquity of the Internet. Since live bets, also called in-game bets, actually happen in real-time during the game, online sportsbooks have developed interactive sites where you can bet with almost no lead time. Because Indianapolis Colts live bets usually concern individual play outcomes, users have to be able to see the odds and submit their wagers in between actual Colts plays on the field. Live Colts bets can be on things like whether or not the next play will result in a first down, whether it will be a pass or a run, and even over/unders on individual kicks and punts.

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Mobile Colts Betting Apps

Currently, there are no Colts betting apps available in iTunes, the App Store, or on Google Play. However, if you have an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or tablet, you can still enjoy an app-like experience with Colts betting on the go. That’s because the best online sportsbooks (Bovada, SportsBetting, etc.) have invested in designing robust mobile versions of their desktop websites. If you want to use your mobile device to bet on the Indianapolis Colts, you’ll get a mobile-optimized interface with quick, secure, efficient sports wagering. Mobile sportsbooks are your portal to convenient Colts betting whether you’re at home or far away.

Other Ways To Wager On The Indianapolis Colts

Not all possible Indianapolis Colts bets fit the above models. Legal online sportsbooks often offer other bet types for NFL teams, the most popular of which being the futures bet. Futures bets are like props, but they take place over an entire season rather than a single game. The most widely-recognized Colts futures bet is actually available year-round, and it concerns their odds to win the upcoming Super Bowl. Of course, Indianapolis futures betting also allows bettors to put money on the Colts to make the playoffs, win the AFC South, or even take home the AFC Championship crown.

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Best Sites For Wagering On Colts Games

There are lots of sportsbooks on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of them are untrustworthy, unreliable, half-baked scams. Instead of doing business with some fly-by-night cut-rate bookie, you should make the safe bet and go with only the best online sportsbooks out there: Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and 5Dimes. These sites for Indiana sports betting all have many years of experience and put a distinct focus on customer service above everything else. There’s no reason to risk gaming with a lesser provider. Betting on the Colts is risky, but it doesn’t have to be that risky. - 50% up to $2,50 Massive Bonus For Colts Fans

Bovada SportsbookIf you’re only going to join one legal online sportsbook to bet on Colts football, it should probably be Bovada. They’re one of the oldest brands around, and they’ve got a pedigree that most other top providers can’t match. New players can claim a $250 Welcome Bonus (or pick from several other perks), and it’s totally free to sign up. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about receiving your winnings in a timely manner – Bovada has never missed a payout. Ever. - Lifetime Bonuses For Depositing Users Up To $1,000 each

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting is one of only a few real alternatives to Bovada, and it’s among the top online sportsbooks for betting on Colts football. SportsBetting separates itself from Bovada by offering more deposit and payout methods (including Litecoin!), and they have different lines on every single Indy game so you can shop around and get the best odds each week. Sign-up perks include a 100% Bitcoin Bonus and 50% Welcome Bonus for new users, plus a 25% lifetime bonus on all future deposits.

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